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Einstein’s Brain

Feature: Einstein's Brain

Prof. Weisz (Einstein look like) introduces Augmented Reality as a backup for momentary lapses of memory and Virtual Reality as temporary relief for caregivers and patients suffering from dementia from Alzheimer’s. This provides the momentary triumph and happiness Dr. Yanze and Dr. Roy and their patient John Elmer and his wife Martha. 

The seriously injured Ding Ning’s thinking, writing and speech can be partially restored by using AR software his computer tablet.

When a second stroke puts him into an irreversible coma, the family is tormented by the question: sustain his life as a vegetable by machines or pull the plug and let him die naturally?

They transfer him to a hospice allowing him to die under warm and loving professional care. In his dying moments, (upon Prof. Weisz/Einstein’s advice), they put him into Virtual Reality replaying the best moments of his life, humanizing his exit from his world. This Virtual Reality film will then become Ding Ning’s Virtual Memorial immortalizing him on the internet.

Dr. Yanze goes to Princeton accompanied by Dr. Roy to research the strange story of the removal and 20 years of secrete storage of Einstein’s brain by Pathologist Thomas Harvey.

While the direct connection between the Brain and the Genius Mind remains unresolved, Dr. Yanze and Dr. Roy find out that Prof. Weisz is an actual Avatar of Einstein who continues teaching and influence the world through implementing AR/VR by Telepresence. With his help, a Holographic Avatar of Ding Ning is created, that can live among us as a Virtual Human. From now on, immortality is an option for everyone.