Owltainment Debuts New Film at Product Launch for Honor 8 Cellphone at California Academy of Arts and Sciences

Company Founders Mingda Dong (Left) and Yuanyaun Chen (Right)

New York, NY (August, 2016) — This past Tuesday, August 16th NY based film company Owltainment debuted their promotional video for the new “Honor 8” cell phone at the California Academy of Sciences! Recently, the company has been deeply involved in organizing a National Cellphone Filmmaking Festival with one of the biggest Chinese cellphone companies; Huawei, as well as encouraging Honor Film Festival’s winners to make their own film and producing a behind scene documentary with the Honor 8. Olwtainment is unique in its innovative ideas, showing others with or without a filmmaking background how to share their stories with the “camera” in their pocket.

The company was founded by Yuanyuan Chen and Mingda Dong, two New York University students who decided to use their creative talents to–among many others–help create daring and unique new concepts. In addition to cellphone filmmaking, Owltainment also produces features and documentaries with regular cameras, teaming up with specialists. And while filmmaking has been a hot topic in both the U.S. and China for many years, Owltainment is continuing to help bring the two industries closer together.

Top to Bottom: Promotional Video for the New Honor 8 Phone from Owltainment is Premired at the California Academy of Sciences. Mingda Dong, Yuanyaun Chen, and NYU Assoiciate Arts Professor Karl Bardosh

With a versatile approach, they are helping to introduce American film scholars to China and hosting lectures and seminars for Chinese students and filmmakers, the company has been taking a head-on approach to film education. As film festival organizers they continually host, support, and implement activities (like the Honor Festival) for Film Festivals both in the U.S. and China.

Their film helped to not only highlight the unique capabilities of the Honor 8 phone, but to promote their use of cellphones as a versatile and distinctive way to tell a story as they kicked off the debut of the brand new Honor 8 in San Francisco!

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